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ASBI onlus

The mission of ASBI is to promote activities in the medical and scientific forum for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, not excluding similar disability and facilitate the social and occupational integration of people with these disabilities.

Freerider Sport Events

FreeRider is a sport organization that aims to make possible the combination of physical disability and winter sports. The primary objective behind FreeRider is the integration of people with disabilities through skiing, practiced with the necessary training and equipment. FreeRider wants to bring new people to skiing and simultaneously completes the training for those who practice this activity through advanced methodology and rich in content, tested and proven over the years by the staff FreeRider, made up of teachers, technicians and highly qualified people.

FAIP onlus

Faip (Federation of Italian Para-Tetraplegic) is a social association and a Non- Profit Organization of Social Utility, which has membership of 19 associations spread throughout the country. The commitment of the Federation has been up to know to help build a bridge between the needs, rights, and aspirations of people with spinal cord injury and a real chance to regain the dignity of being able to live in the private and in the community as all other citizens, through efficient services, and serious avenues of research and social inclusion.


IF is a global umbrella organization (est. in 1979) of associations, professionals and individuals who are in one way or another touched by spina bifida and hydrocephalus (SBH) and their families in 1979. IF’s three main strategic objectives are concentrated in the areas of primary prevention of neural tube defects through folic acid supplementation/food fortification, right to health of all persons with SBH, and building of a strong united community of the SBH family, celebrating the achievements of persons with disabilities and supporting self-advocacy of young disabled persons.

Active Teraphy

Active therapy offers active holidays and activities for disabled individuals, families and groups (sailing, skiing, scuba diving, rafting, cycling, hand cycling, tennis, fitness, kayaking, physiotherapy, massage). During the winter time they provide ski courses for disabled people and their families. During summer time, they provide summer activities for children and adults, beginners to athletes, vary from muscular and ligament injuries to spinal cord injuries, visually impaired, amputations, muscular dystrophy, CP, Down Syndromes and many more.

Handy club - Ostrava

They’re focused on different topics. The first and the most important one is to reduce the barriers which keep common society and disables on two different positions. On the other side they do research, analytic and educational tasks which help us to spread out information about disability.